Friday, April 24, 2009

Some pictures of Starved rock

My niece Ava eating a sugar wafer at 9 having a grand time.

My husbands cousin Marty bought this hat
and he wore it all night long.I just had to take a picture :)

Some of the kids collecting eggs

Some of the family hanging out while the kids find the eggs

My niece Ava finding eggs. It was her first year
old enough to find them :)

The girls at the bottom of the waterfall

They have tons of totem polls around.
So I made the girls take a picture at every one of them.
They hated it :)
Saint Louis canyon waterfall

This really cool cave.

Some views along the path

Hubby on one of our walks.

Me on one of the walks

Climbing trees :)

More views. There are waterfalls everywhere

Me in some beer glasses.
They don't make any one look any better...LOL :)

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BloomingPink said...

I guess you've been really busy getting ready to move!

I am visiting your website to calm myself down! (LOL). I feel overwhelmed and decided touching base with a few good eggs would be a nice change of pace.

Take Care!