Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas tree and a new hair style

So we put up our Christmas tree Friday. It was a lot of fun! I love decorating for Christmas. I know soon it will be time to spend time with my family, which I am very grateful for! We got our new carpet in on Thursday and that was great b/c I didn't have to put the tree up with the ugly blue carpet :)

Also I decided to get a new hair cut...which if you know me that it a huge deal...b/c I still had my hair style from 1990 :) I just really love my hair and had a very bad experience with someone chopping it all off when I was younger. So I included a couple of pictures of my new hair too :) I have bangs now...and that has gotten some time to get use to. The one I love of me with my fist b/c my hubby was taking one picture after another of me and wouldn't stop. He was driving me crazy. So I gave him the fist. He said he is going to blow it up, put it by the back door and put a caption saying "Take your shoes off" Can you tell I say that to him a lot?? LOL