Friday, April 24, 2009

Pictures of Starved Rock

This is when we first got there...our temp. room.
The girls just got out of the pool.

This is the great room where they have weddings and such
Huge fireplace!

The girls on a log by the Illinois River.
It was above flood stage so there was trees and stuff all over
the place. The boat ramp was washed up way on the shore.

Some more of the debris from the flooding

This is the bridge over the Illinois River coming into town

This is what the entire place looks like going up to the lodge.
It's so cool looking!

This is us at the bottom of that giant rock.
Lots of fun!


BloomingPink said...

Do people ever climb on those rocks? As a rock climber they look like they'd be fun.

I can see why you would like going's lovely.

Wendy Bonner said...

Great Pics....looks fun!!