Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween night

Here is my lovely daughter in her costume. She was supposed to be a Blue Dragonfly...whatever that JP went to JoAnn's and got this fleece fabric and we made a shawl for her. I decorated it with Little Felt Flurries from Stampin' Up!. I sewed the wings on the back of it, it turned out really cute. So we decided we would call her "A snow fairy". As long as she doesn't bring the snow everything will be good! :) But she is at the age where she doesn't want to be trick or treating with her mom, she wants her friends :) So I made her go with me for 45 minutes and then I drove her to where her friends where trick or treating and another mom took over :)

Well I hope everyone had a great Halloween. Now time to get ready for THANKSGIVING!! Yummy FOOD!!

My naughty little elf :)

This is a card I did for my Naughty swap. I just love the Santa pooping in the chimney. I think I know alot of people this year that might have this happen :) Just thought I would share!! I love this elf. And yes, it's Halloween and I am posting Christmas cards LOL

Friday, October 30, 2009

A little fun...

My brothers girlfriend stayed the night at my house tonight and she thought it would be fun to dress up in my daughters costume. Yeah she is tinier then my daughter so it was big on her. She was running threw my house yelling "Look what I can do" Like Stuart from Mad TV. She was cracking us up. so here are her pictures looking just fabulous!! I love ya Nicole!!

Naughty/humorous HO HO HO Swap...not for the easily offended

*********If your offended easily please
turn away now***********

So I hosted a swap on SCS and you had to make Holiday inspired naughty or humorous cards and these are what the ladies came up with. Only one was truly naughty. This was alot of fun to do and can't wait until next year :)

Also we had one lady drop out because her mom is very sick. So I got together with some of the gals and we donated an extra card so she can share them with her. I also donated all my extra cards to her. I really hope she's excited and surprised when she gets the package!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Teddy bears

My husbands grandma passed away last year and I got an idea from someone to make doll clothes from her clothes for a way for everyone to have a little piece of her. So this is what I came up with. We got the bears from a wholesaler. And the pattern is for cabbage patch kids clothes. They work great! I am passing them out this Christmas to all the kids. Now keep in mind I do not sew...this is the first time I have ever followed a pattern. So I think I did a great job :)

Halloween decorations 2009

So this is what we came up for our decoration this year. We had a lot of fun doing it. Although we wish we could of added some headstones but we always have next year :) We live on a main street so a lot of cars slow done to read them. It's funny to see peoples faces. Just thought I would share.