Friday, April 24, 2009

It's been a long minute since I posted

So alot has gone on in the last month...we went on vacation, well a mini vacation to a state park called Starved Rock. I just love that place. We went up on Thursday April 9th through April 12th and did alot of hiking. the whole weekend kinda just flew by.It started out alittle rough...when checking in the idiot didn't have a clue what she was doing over charged my credit card which really ticked me off, then they put us in this room that smelled sooooooo chlorine. Because it's window is the pool house. So I had to go down stairs and make them switch us. So we moved to another room, then we had to move again in the morning b/c we where in the wrong wing. Since the family is so big we end up getting the entire wing of the hotel. So we moved but couldn't actually be in the room b/c the maid was cleaning so we went out for a couple of hours. We decided to go to the next town over and go shopping for some stuff we left behind :).On Saturday Nana got the Easter eggs filled with candy and we hid 65 of them around the outside. It was fun watching the kids find all the Easter eggs. They had alot of fun. My daughter and her friend went swimming alot of the time. They've been without a pool for months b/c of winter so they had lots of fun swimming but they got a rash from the chlorine, there was a ton of it in the pool. And trying to get 2 twelve year olds to take a shower when other stuff is going on is not very easy :). Me and my hubby got to spend some time together walking the trails and just hanging out. We had a really good time. I want to go back this summer. So we'll see what happens.Pictures are below. Enjoy!!

Some pictures of Starved rock

My niece Ava eating a sugar wafer at 9 having a grand time.

My husbands cousin Marty bought this hat
and he wore it all night long.I just had to take a picture :)

Some of the kids collecting eggs

Some of the family hanging out while the kids find the eggs

My niece Ava finding eggs. It was her first year
old enough to find them :)

The girls at the bottom of the waterfall

They have tons of totem polls around.
So I made the girls take a picture at every one of them.
They hated it :)
Saint Louis canyon waterfall

This really cool cave.

Some views along the path

Hubby on one of our walks.

Me on one of the walks

Climbing trees :)

More views. There are waterfalls everywhere

Me in some beer glasses.
They don't make any one look any better...LOL :)

Pictures of Starved Rock

This is when we first got there...our temp. room.
The girls just got out of the pool.

This is the great room where they have weddings and such
Huge fireplace!

The girls on a log by the Illinois River.
It was above flood stage so there was trees and stuff all over
the place. The boat ramp was washed up way on the shore.

Some more of the debris from the flooding

This is the bridge over the Illinois River coming into town

This is what the entire place looks like going up to the lodge.
It's so cool looking!

This is us at the bottom of that giant rock.
Lots of fun!