Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Birthday celebration...

In the month of March we have a lot of birthdays, but there are 4 in my immediate family. First with my daughter, then my brothers the next week, then mine the week after that and last but not least my nephews is in the last week. So it's pretty crazy. We decided it would be fun to all get together and celebrate all of us. It was even better b/c it was nice out. Which in the month if March here in Indiana isn't usually nice. Last year for my b-day it was 39...this year 74. Yeah that's what we have to deal with :) But it was a beautiful weekend and so far a great week. The kids had a lot of fun playing and we had a lot of fun too. And I got he best gift...a LAPTOP!! I was so excited. So now I've parked my tush on the couch and I can type and lay on the couch. This might not be good for my already over sized butt :)

My nephew Drake

Me getting ready to open my laptop :)

My Brother Joe(not his b-day month) and my mom

My brother, his son Drake and my hubby


Lindsey said...

That's so awesome Jess!
New laptops are so much fun:)
PS: I love your bay window!!

BloomingPink said...

Omagosh...i just posted this analysis of why March as a large birth month...and got an error!

S'pose I deserved it.

Cheers friend. Hope you smile lots this weekend!