Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SU's Animal cracker set

So I got this set and I wasn't to sure if I really liked it or not. So I didn't mount it for a week thinking maybe I would figure out something else to do with it. But I showed it to JP(my hubby) and he said he liked it alot and I should see what I can do with it. So here is the giraffe. It's ok...I have to work on it. But I think I do like the set now that I see it on paper. I have just been in a funk. I can't get my brain to function like I would like it to. Lots going on so I think it's just busy thinking about other stuff and not on making things. If that makes since. I cut the stars out of chipboard and put yellow CS on them and then topped that with yellow stickles. I love that stuff...so now they twinkle like real stars. :) The stars on on 3-d dots so they are raised.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,

I recently discovered your Blog!

Nice Card...You sure a busy girl.

Thanks for sharing, Jo.

BloomingPink said...

I know what you mean about being busy and not thinking creatively. I honestly get about 1 hour a day to create anymore because of my work/home schedule and by then, most of the time, I'm all tuckered out. Then at work, all day, I have all these ideas swirling in my head, but can't stop and do...or even try.

Then homelife hits, then fatigue, then I can't put my arms around what I wanted to do. Or what I need to do that is on my LIST (which keeps getting longer, by the way).

So there. I understand. And now I'm heading to my painting class to start a NEW ONE. YIPPY.