Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Naked mail swap

So a friend of mine (kidsmomscrappin) asked me to do a swap that involved something called naked mail. So I did some research on it and decided that it would be fun. We did the first one and it was a great sucess. So I decided to keep it open and just swap every couple of months. All the girls keep coming back b/c it is so much fun! So we are swapping out round 2 ones now on SCS and round three is open. So if you would like to join it is alot of fun. The deal is you can not send your stuff in a box. It has to be in some sort of plastic container. You get a name of your secret sister one month before we mail out so you have time to shop for them. So here is the package I am sending out to my secret SS. I really hope she likes it. And the plastic container I'm sending it in can be used for pasta or whatever you want. So it's kinda like recycling.


BloomingPink said...

WOW. Pretty. WHO WOULDN'T like that, huh?

Lindsey said...

"So it's kinda like recycling."
Great container. I am kind of bummed that I didn't come up with something more clever for a container idea. My big issue was finding something that would hold the tall clear stamp sets. Milk carton did the trick.
Have a great weekend!!!

Free Spirit said...


So glad this idea has been so much fun for you. Glad to have suggested it. I am back in the cyber world and finally catching up with everybody. Love all the animal cracker cards.