Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween night

Here is my lovely daughter in her costume. She was supposed to be a Blue Dragonfly...whatever that JP went to JoAnn's and got this fleece fabric and we made a shawl for her. I decorated it with Little Felt Flurries from Stampin' Up!. I sewed the wings on the back of it, it turned out really cute. So we decided we would call her "A snow fairy". As long as she doesn't bring the snow everything will be good! :) But she is at the age where she doesn't want to be trick or treating with her mom, she wants her friends :) So I made her go with me for 45 minutes and then I drove her to where her friends where trick or treating and another mom took over :)

Well I hope everyone had a great Halloween. Now time to get ready for THANKSGIVING!! Yummy FOOD!!

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BloomingPink said...

So cute. It looks like you all had a great evening, despite the chill!