Monday, March 2, 2009

Destiny's 12th Birthday party

My daughter turned 12 on March 1st. I can't believe how the time flies. We had her party at one of our local skating rinks. It was alot of fun. We had 65 people show up so it was big. She had something like 30 friends come. We rented out the rink for a private party and it was so much fun. All the kids who couldn't skate learned how to skate without other people running them over. It was alot of fun and my daughter had alot of fun. The only bad thing that really happened that night was my nephew isn't a really good skater so I said I would take him around a couple of times to get use to it and so we went around one whole time before he somehow turned himself around and went under my legs...we weren't going fast but I still fell. Not fun!

And then to top it off I was skating with my friend in picture below and she was close to me I over corrected and down I went. She crashed into the mirror laughing at me. What a great friend huh?? And I didn't feel the effects then but later that night my tush started hurting really bad I had a really hard time sitting. I think I bruised my tail bone :( Then the next day(Sat.) it hurt even more along with my muscles in my one leg on the same side as I feel and today it's feeling slightly better but I have been staying off it. Mostly lying around on my belly on the couch. Now it's starting to hurt again b/c I'm sitting here on this hard chair. So I'm gonna get off of here. Hope everyone had a great weekend!! I know we did :)

My daughter not liking being sung to.

Little Madison and my friend Kimie

My nephew Nolan(almost 1)

His brother Brendon and dad (BIL) Ed
running up and down the side of the rink
pushing him.

Shari(the one who took me out)
and me resting after falling.
She's being weird-o!

Destiny(in black tank)
and some of her friends

My nephew Drake and me going around
before we fell.
(Hard to take pictures in the dark)

Just a picture of the rink

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BloomingPink said...

Advil, Jess, Advil.

I broke my tail bone skating when I was 12. Some boy kicked my skate out from underneath me (he liked me...boys are weird). No Fun.