Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A birthday suprise...

It was a typical day for me today(well yesterday now) I got up, got my daughter off to school, did some stuff around the house...laundry :(, cleaning, watching TV, and taking alittle nap since as you can see I'm up all night :).

So I go to get my mail as I am expecting lots of packages since my St. Patty's day swap is coming to a close. And...there is a package. So I come inside check to see if there are any bills(not that I want them) and then proceed to my craft room to open my package and to my surprise there are all kinds of treats inside this box along with some beautiful Irish cards.

So I get all excited, as I look at the Irish cards and the extra cards inside, I notice this little pillow box that is so cute.When I pick it up it is heavier then normal so I was thinking there was candy inside but instead there is this awesome necklace inside. Made by my friend Bekah. I love it so much!! I can't even thank her enough. My daughter even said she was going to steal it, and If I'm not careful she will :)

I can't wait till my daughter's b-day party this Friday so I can show it off to my friends and family. Here are some pictures of it. Thank you again and again Bekah!!Your awesome!

The box it came in

The whole necklace.

The necklace up close

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Lindsey said...

Ah! That Bekah is a sneaky one! What a great friend we have, huh?