Monday, January 26, 2009

Visiting my brother downtown...

On Saturday my brother called me up and wanted to know if I wanted to take him to IKEA so he could go shopping. He lives in the city and doesn't need a car but IKEA isn't close to any of us. Any who...I found someone to watch my daughter and we headed towards Chicago. I haven't been down there in awhile. So it was nice to go see all the pretty lights again. It would of been nicer if it wasn't 3 degrees. :) I can't wait to go in the spring or summer with the waves beating off the shore...ok way of the subject there.

So we drive to IKEA which was a 30 minute drive from the city, I've never been there so I'm excited to see what this place is all about. I know people love this store and I hear great things so I am stoked that I get to go scope it out myself. This place is HUGE!

So they have this like "path" that you follow through the building showing you all the stuff they have all displayed through this really long "tour" is what I'm gonna call it. It was really neat to see how they have their stuff set up. My only complaint is that the stuff seemed really small. I am 5'8" and I was taller then the fridge they had displayed and the couches when you sit on them you can't rest your head b/c the back doesn't go us high as your head. Cute stuff for small spaces. They have great coffee tables and end tables, kitchen tables and some funky stuff you might not normally buy. So my brother buys all new bed, tables, and so on. It was so funny trying to load all this stuff in my truck. He was super squeshed in the back. I didn't buy much only a new I want that. But I want to loose weight so I need something to tell me I am :) Well any how I took some pictures of the veiw from my brothers condo. I would love to have a veiw like him but I'm just a suburb kinda gal. Hope you enjoy!

Picture from a bridge in my town. I was just trying to capture the sunset

The sunset again.
When we where getting on the highway to go sown town.

One view form my Brothers Condo

Another view from his condo.
The Sears Tower.

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Lindsey said...

Did you eat at IKEA? I love their Swedish meatballs and mac and cheese. So healthy. NOT!
Really cheap food!
That was nice of you to take him:)