Monday, December 29, 2008

Someone broke into my truck...

So I live in a quite neighborhood off in alittle subdivision on a cul-de-sac and on Saturday night well Sunday morning our truck was broken into. I heard a car pull up and I didn't pay attention the dogs started barking but I assumed it was the neighbors kids coming home. So I was getting ready to go to bed since it's 3 in the morning and I peek out the window and the truck light was on and I was weirded out by it. So I grabbed the keys and get 2 of my dogs and go outside to see why...and when I press the lock button the alarm lets me know the door isn't shut so I proceed to the truck and notice that all my stuff is scattered everywhere in the truck. Glove box is open, center arm thing is wide open, so I go back inside to wake up my husband and call 911. They tell me that this it was the 10th call and some stupid a** kids are going through the neighborhood breaking in cars. The doors were unlocked so the windows didn't get broke. We leave our doors unlocked all the time and I never thought we would have this problem. Nothing was stolen because I don't leave anything of value in my car, but it is very irritating. Well I guess it was a lesson learned. And I hope those little a**holes where caught. Doing this right after Christmas. Shame on them!!

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